How long is your rental day?

Our rental day is 24 hours – e.g. if you pick up the vehicle at 3pm today  for a one day rental it is then due back at 3pm the following day.

However if it’s a bus or a rental that is chauffeur driven the rental day is 12 hours e.g. from 8am to 6pm that will a one day rental.

Can I hire for just a few hours?

NO – vehicles are rented as per rental days description above.

Can I hire a car to pick up in Byo or Victoria Falls?

YES – however the excess mileage to and from Harare is billed to you, to have the vehicle delivered at your selected destination.

Are the vehicles insure and what happens in the event of an accident?

Impala Car Rental vehicles are comprehensively insured meaning in the event of an accident, if the driver is not charged as the negligent driver. The driver will only be liable for the administration costs and insurance excess cost which is covered by the paid security deposit or order. Should the driver be found to be negligent by law. Then the driver is liable for the full repair costs / replacement cost of the vehicle as insurance will not settle claims of negligent driving.

Against that back ground if one has been involved in an accident the first port of call is to inform the police to obtain a case reference number and have the relevant law enforcement agents(Police) attend the scene of the accident for a complete police report.

Secondly, please urgently contact the ICR offices to inform them of the details of the accident. The Fleet Manager will then assist the client with the way forward.

Impala Car Rental - Loyalty Card

In year 2016 we launched the Impala Car Rental, loyalty programme, this is a reward based programme. Simply stated – for every hire you are able to claim specific rewards.

It is a programme that is designed to motivate and rewards our clients to continue to work with us and it adds some excitement in doing business. For any who uses car rental services often this is a brilliant programme.  To obtain a Loyalty card you are welcome to come through to our office, complete the required information forms and your card will be processed and every hire you make you will be reward you for your support.

For more information on the ICR loyalty programme you can contact the Brand Manager and let us help you make every hire a memorable one.